In 1999, Nicolai started working as a management consultant – first for an international management consultancy, then for his own business the Ignite Group since 2003.

Nicolai works cross-functional, cross-discipline, industry-independent, with an enquiry-focused consulting style. He particularly enjoys working in the ‘overlapping areas’ between business and IT, such as

  • enterprise architecture and business <-> IT process architecture (including COBIT and ITIL framework standards)
  • translating business requirements into IT functionalities for SDLC developments
  • defining and scoping business projects for the IT delivery for better accuracy in project delivery

Nicolai offers the following management consulting services:

  • Strategy definition and design of business strategies for small-mid sized companies
    • formulating and defining business strategies that are supported by a strong business model,
    • together with a fit-for-purpose operating model with a strong foundation through the right composition of the right enterprise architecture mix.
  • Feasibility studies – market and PEST analysis for product development
    • through assessments of the markets, competitor, trends, PEST analysis (political, economical, social, technological conditions), business models, financial revenue and costs models and business plans,
    • Nicolai helps to determine if and how the idea/product/investment can be turn into a success.
  • Program / portfolio management – for strategic programs
    • through aligning and defining a strategic program as part of the strategy definition,
    • Nicolai ensures that all projects and initiatives pull into the right direction with the right objectives.
  • Enterprise architecture and operating model
    • Nicolai brings together the business with the technology
    • he translates the conceptual business strategy into an enterprise architecture design that drives and define the operating model with all the required enterprise architecture pillars to answer the following client questions:
      • For my defined company strategy, what set of resources and capabilities does my business require to deliver optimally for its business model?
      • What people resourcing and competencies do I require to operate my business?
      • What process do I need to operate my business and deliver to my customers?
      • What technology and systems are required to support the people and the process?
      • What infrastructure needs to be in place?
  • Small-mid size business transformation projects
    • Nicolai works together with other experts in his network to deliver smaller business transformation projects for small medium sized companies (currently in South Africa, Germany, Switzerland and Vietnam)
    • depending on the business and project needs, Nicolai manages the project manager role or a support advisory role to the existing company project manager.
  • Process and organisational design
    • process analysis of the As-Is and modelling a To-Be process that delivers and takes the people into account.
    • business process modelling together with business process improvements.
    • organisational design together with job design and reward system design and competency modelling.
  • Special consulting in the following functional areas:
    • Supply chain
    • Project office management
    • In-house consulting
    • Training management
    • Product strategy / product pricing / product costing

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