In order to further my education and knowledge in the field of coaching, I certified as a Practitioner Coach with the SA College of Applied Psychology as well as a certified Applied Life Coach with the Foundation College. I also completed a thorough coaching- and consciousness development training with the coaching academy of Creative Consciousness International and I am an accredited Consciousness Coach.

I started coaching in 2004. Since 2006 I have been offering coaching professionally on a part time bases. I offer life and career coaching for private individuals and entrepreneurs through the Life Coaching Centre in Cape Town. My coaching log shows over 850 coaching sessions. (05/2012)

My coaching model consists of various approaches, depending on the type of coaching, the context and particular needs of the coaching client.

Business coaching requires a strong delivery and performance focus. I provide the require understanding of the business context, political and strategic drivers, the 'lonely at the top' feeling of a manager. Through over 12 years of management consulting and project management, I have the experience to talk and guide a competent business conversation without getting too 'fluffy, touchy, feely'.

My life and career coaching is a combination of the following components:

  • Action and delivery focused coaching
  • Consciousness development (where and when appropriate)
  • Ontological methods (science of being)
  • Systems thinking
  • Aspects of NLP
  • Rogerian

My coaching model is not based on the following:

  • Psycho-analytical methods (Freudian)
  • Behavioural methods
  • Humanistic methods

whilst I might use elements of those when appropriate for the client.

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